Service Request & Complaints

You may call OUR office directly at 423-842-2533 or submit your request via the form below. Please note that YOUR request WILL BE received during regular business hours.

If you have a police, FIRE or medical emergency, call
All requests are received by Jodi LaCroix, the City Recorder. She will forward them to the appropriate City official. 

If your garbage can is missing or damaged beyond use, please submit your request by including your address and we will replace your can. For damaged cans that can no longer be used, we usually replace them on Fridays after your old can has been emptied on Thursday. If your can is missing altogether, we will bring you one the same or next business day.

On garbage days, if your can has not been emptied and there is no sticker on your can informing you of why it has not been emptied, please give us a call immediately so we can get the problem resolved before the garbage hauler leaves your neighborhood or the city.

Traffic light issues are usually reported to our office by the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office as soon as there is an issue. If you still wish to notify us of a traffic light issue, you may do so via the form below.

We will gladly notify EPB if you are having street light issues.  Please include the pole number and location - without this information EPB will not be able to locate the light you're having trouble with.

The City values the privacy of its residents and will not share any e-mail addresses with third parties. Please note; however, that all correspondence with the City is subject to the Public Records Act, T.C.A. § 10-7-501, et seq..